Silver Spiral Dreidel by Adi Sidler

Silver Spiral Dreidel by Adi Sidler


  • Laser cut design with engraved letters "Nun, Gimel, Heh, Peh", an acronym for "A Great Miracle Happened There"
  • Made in Israel by the Artist Adi Sidler
  • Comes with stylish aluminum base
  • Made from anodized aluminum

Product Description

Use these modern style dreidels for your traditional Chanukah party. Whether you are spinning for candies, coins or nuts, your family and guest will love the game, spinning Adi Sidler’s modern style Chanukah dreidel. Around the circle are the four letters – nun, gimmel, hey and peh – acronym for “a great miracle happened here.” Choice of colors.
The striking items of Judaica, created by the well-known Israeli designer Adi Sidler, have a sleek modern design, making them meaningful for the contemporary Jew.


Item #: ADI-043-SIL
Size: 1.9"
Artist: Adi Sidler
Size: 5 x 5 cm / 2 x 2"
Material: Anodized Aluminum
Made in israel

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