Pomegranate Hand Painted Light Ram's Horn Shofar

Pomegranate Hand Painted Light Ram's Horn Shofar

$106.79 - $127.71

Product Description

This polished perfect sounding light-colored Shofar is the perfect backdrop for the hand painting of renowned Israeli artist Eretz Husyt depicting the revered Biblical pomegranate – today, almost the national fruit of Israel. Luscious ruby red fruits with leaves and twigs rest on a delicate cream and decorative gold background.

Option of two Shofar lengths.
Length is measured along the outside curve.
This Shofar is not for ritual Synagogue use.

Artist Eretz Husyt lives and works in Israel. She is passionate about her creative work – hand-painting both rams and Yemenite horns. “For me, painting Shofars is spiritually uplifting,” she declares, “It is my channel to speak to Heaven.”

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