Contemporary Teal-Silver Pesach Seder Plate - Agayof

Contemporary Teal-Silver Pesach Seder Plate - Agayof

  • Keep tradition in a beautiful and contemporary fashion
  • A beautiful Seder plate by Agayof
  • Youthful teal and silver shades

Product Description

Your Seder Plate will be the most symbolic item on your Seder table. So, it is important for it to be impressive - like this Avner Agayof Seder Plate in a striking teal and silver color. Around the tray is etched words from the Bible commanding the Jews never to forget how they were saved from Egypt and as reminders of the historic event, the six teal bowls on the tray hold the Seder night ritual items.

The Avner Agayof Seder Plate Collection with their precision craftsmanship in a choice of magnificent colors will bring a touch of elegant royalty to any Seder table.


Item #: AGY-SDR-013
Type: Passover
Materials: anodized aluminium
Diameter: 13.7"/35 cm
Made in Israel
Artist: Agayof

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