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Celebrating Chanukah is prime family time. The Menorah and the candle lighting ceremony set the joyful tone. Afterward, parents, children, and relatives spend time together, enjoying each other’s company. In many families, each child lights his own Menorah, adding to the warm enveloping glow binding everyone.


Artist Shay Peled, known as Tzuki Art, sets the tone for these gatherings. His contemporary style colorful Menorahs express the joy and warmth of family relationships - the spirit of Chanukah. Enjoy his colors, themes, and messages. You will surely want to have one of them, for yourself or to present as a gift.


Here is Tzuki’s Tree of Life family Menorah, available in a choice of colors. The eight arches holding the candle holders are painted spring green and decorated with rich foliage. There are two dominant figures – the father watering the roots and the mother tending the flowers above – a reminder of the vital parental role.

Consider the Tzuki Menorah, also offered in a delightful choice of shades, depicting Heavenly family joy as the children all stand together. The father acknowledges his debt of gratitude to the mother of the family by proudly holding her aloft.

An evocative background for developing warm relationships - Tzuki presents us with a Menorah decoration depicting a blossoming garden with luscious fruits, highlighted with delicious red pomegranates.

Peals of laughter will surely greet Tzuki’s work of art depicting fun at on the road. Cars run in all directions. In the midst of the chaos, teens dance, jump, sing and play. You can almost hear them yelling, “Have fun!”


Tzuki invites parents and children to use the Festival to strengthen relationships, to laugh and enjoy each other’s company. He declares, “Let my Menorah be the ingredient to keep the family glued together!”

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