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The Mezuzah, attached to the doorpost of the Jewish home, is a reminder of our identity, an expression of G-d’s protection of the home and its residents, reassuring us that He cares for His people.

Over the ages, the Mezuzah case, holding the scroll, has become a work of art – adorning and enhancing our homes. Today, you will find cases made from every possible material in a huge variety of styles and designs. There is something for every pocket and taste.

We invite you to browse through Yealat Chen’s Mezuzah cases. A Judaica artist of note, she is renowned for the beauty and creativity of her products. Of Yemenite background, her art works are often an eloquent expression of her ethnic past.

Yealat Chen’s Mezuzah cases display vibrant originality. They are made from stone or mazak - a metal combination she uses with great success. For a baby, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah gift, consider her lively children’s designs. Dramatic Home Blessing cases will be a unique gift to anyone moving house or office. Animal lovers will love the cases that depict lions, birds, giraffes, butterflies or snails. Loyalty to Israel is expressed in decorative cases with Jerusalem and Stars of David. Enjoy the pomegranate and sheaves of wheat cases. If you prefer a Mezuzah case without pictures, there are strikingly elegant cases with traditional and contemporary designs.

A Yealat Chen Mezuzah case is a quality gift. Attached to the doorpost of your home, it will add beauty and powerful meaning to your observance of this Mitzvah.

Note: There are hundreds of laws connected to writing a Kosher Mezuzah. So, it is vital that any Mezuzah you purchase carries a reputable Kashrut seal testifying that it meets with all the ritual requirements.

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