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All in all, the challah board does not have much viewing time on the Shabbat table. Only after Kiddush when everyone has washed hands, does the head of the family remove the cover, recite the blessing over bread, cut up the challah and pass the pieces around the table. However, in Judaism, every article connected to the performance of a mitzvah is beloved and the simple board is lavished with the artist’s love and attention as if on display throughout the meal.

Canaan Online presents you with a choice of Dorit Klein’s outstandingly beautiful challah boards made from tempered glass and laser-cut stainless steel. Each one radiates a devotion to Shabbat and its traditional symbols. Her themes range from wheat to pomegranates, to the Friday night Shabbat prayer Lecha Dodi to the Shabbat Shalom greeting. Every design is colorful and dignified – in keeping with the holy spirit of Shabbat.

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