Chai Pendant with Star of David by Golan Jewelry

Chai Pendant with Star of David by Golan Jewelry

  • Jewish Star of David Chai Pendant
  • Kabbalah Letter Sequence against the evil eye

Product Description

Made of sterling silver, this unisex Chai pendant is designed by Golan Jewelry, Israel. The piece includes several traditional motifs. At the heart of the pendant, a delicate Star of David, one of the most significant emblems in Jewish tradition. At the center of the Jewish Star appear in Hebrew the two-letter Word Chai. Chai, which spells out the word living in Hebrew, equals the number 18, a spiritual number in Jewish tradition.

The Star of David and Chai symbol are all thought to draw positive energies to the wearer and ward off the evil eye, which make this piece the perfect protective amulet.

The pendant is also beautifully inscribed in Hebrew with the sacred words of the prayer Shema Yisrael. It is also inscribed with the three-letter sequence Aleph-Lamed-Dalat, which is used by Kabbalah to fight the evil eye).

This beautiful Jewish amulet is a wonderful way to draw positive energies into your life.


Item #: GS-170
Artist: Golan Studio
Width:0.9" / 2.3cm
Height: 1.2" / 3cm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Made in Israel

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