Shema Pendant by Golan Studio - Hand Engraved

Shema Pendant by Golan Studio - Hand Engraved

0.7" / 1.8cm (Diameter)

  • Hand Engraved Shema Pendant
  • 72 Holy names of G-d on the Reverse Side

Product Description

Wear this evocative Golan pendant and feel Divine blessings pouring down upon you. The pendant in front features a large letter 'Hey', symbolizing G-d's attribute of mercy, with the Holy verse "Shma Israel" encircling it. The flip side is engraved with the 72 letters o G-d' name,


Item #: GS-0090
Size: 0.7" / 1.8cm (Diameter)
Artist: Golan Studio
Made in Israel
Material: Sterling Silver

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