Polished Medium Yemenite Shofar

Polished Medium Yemenite Shofar

$79.07 - $104.07

Product Description

DESCRIPTION: This magnificent spiraled half polished-half natural spiraled Yemenite Shofar is sure to inspire you, your friends and fellow congregants. It is odorless and has a recognized certificate of Kashrut.
SOUND: the comfortable mouthpiece produces the familiar reverberating sound. It will be properly checked before shipment.
MEASUREMENT: Three options available. Remember the length is the measurement of the outer curve not point to point.
A YEMENITE SHOFAR comes from the spiraled horns of the African kudu antelope. In view of its organic nature, it may vary in color and texture from the online image. To enhance your purchase, you will receive our free Shofar Guide.


Handmade in Israel
Material: African Kudu

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