Lion of Judah Hand Painted Yemenite Shofar

Lion of Judah Hand Painted Yemenite Shofar

$368.77 - $390.46

Product Description

The Lion of Judah, mentioned in the Bible, is a traditional symbol of strength, authority and royalty - a magnificent theme to decorate and enhance the deep far-reaching sound of this curved Yemenite horn. After painting a jet-black background, the artist has added the golden face and mane of the royal lion, writing below “Lion of Judah”. The perfect gift for anyone you wish to honor.

This Yemenite horn has the traditional deep reverberating sound that is so popular.

Option: medium or large size – measured along outside curve
Sound is checked again before shipping for superior quality
Half polished-half natural finish – if unavailable, we send polished or natural
Should your choice be out of stock, allow two weeks for preparation

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