Blue Kiddush Cup by Agayof - Hagafen

Blue Kiddush Cup by Agayof - Hagafen


Product Description

Think of the deep blue sea or a cloudless blue sky and then feel elevated with the spiritual blue color of this magnificent Kiddush cup from the prestigious Agayof artist in Jerusalem. Feel the smooth anodized aluminum finish, highlighted by the silver band at the base holding Hebrew words from the wine blessing. Recommended as a great wedding gift that will be used lovingly week after week.
An inner Teflon layer protects the aluminum so that it does not affect the wine taste.
The striking Kiddush Cup collection of Avner Agayof of Jerusalem is crafted from anodized aluminum in stylish colors, giving modern expression to Jewish tradition.


Item #: AGY-KC-009
Type: Kiddush cup
Materials: anodized aluminium
Made in Israel
Height: 4.3" / 11 cm
Artist: Agayof

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