Silver Color Anodized Aluminium Kiddush Cup by Agayof

Silver Color Anodized Aluminium Kiddush Cup by Agayof

Silver Color Anodized Aluminium Kiddush Cup by Agayof

  • Clean, unclutterd lines on this aluminum Kiddush cup by Agayof
  • Stunning silver color
  • Beautiful as a wedding gift

Product Description

These magnificent goblets are works of art that will take add luster to your Shabbat table and take pride of place in your cabinet display. Created by the renowned Jerusalem artist-designer, Avner Agayof, they combine exquisite contemporary design with Jewish tradition. An Agayof item is a collector’s piece that you will be proud to own or present as a gift to a dear one.
The goblet – known as the Kiddush cup - is traditionally used at all major events in the Jewish life-calendar. Its primary use is on Shabbat and Chagim when it is filled with wine or grape juice. Before the evening and daytime meal, it is held in the right hand and the traditional blessings are recited expressing the sanctification of the holy day. It is also used at weddings, at a brit, bar mitzvah and other Jewish milestones. Traditionally, Kiddush Cups are to be found in every Jewish home in a variety of sizes and styles. So, this is an ideal gift that will be used throughout the year.
Each Kiddush Cup is individually produced in a unique process of teflon-coated aluminum. The cups have a stylish matt finish and the black lettering on the base is on a shiny silver colored background. They are easy to clean and have no aftertaste.
If you like to connect with tradition, you will appreciate the sleek contemporary Agayof design of this modern Kiddush cup that has engraved in Hebrew lettering on the base the last words of the wine blessing “borehperiha’gofen,” expressing thanks to G-d who has created the fruit of the vine.


Item #: AGY-KC-001
Type: Kiddush cup
Materials: anodized aluminium
Made in Israel
Height: 4.3" / 11 cm
Artist: Agayof

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