Oriental Hamsa Mazal Wall Blessing - Dvora Black

Oriental Hamsa Mazal Wall Blessing - Dvora Black

Oriental Hamsa Mazal Wall Blessing - Dvora Black

  • Lively oriental style hamsa wall blessing
  • Beautify your home or give as a stunning gift
  • Hand painted in Israel by Dvora Black

Product Description

Dvora Black successfully combined three luck and prosperity symbols into one work of art. In the center of this hand painted picture an exquisite Chamsa, hand for god luck, was painted and adorned with the word Mazal, good luck in Hebrew. On top of the Chamsa Dvora depicted a pomegranate that symbolizes opulence and virtue. For this beautiful Mazal Chamsa hand painted art work on glass Dvora Black combined decorative elements made from high quality prints and polymer clay. The transparent stained-glass paint surrounding the printed motifs are hand-painted so that each picture is unique in its color combinations. The wide frames used to frame Mazal Chamsa art work, allows for the glass to stand slightly away from the wall so that light filters through the colors giving them the beautiful glow which is characteristic of genuine stained-glass


Item #: DVB-149
Artist: Dvora Black
Size: 8.5" x 9"/21.5 x 22.8 cm
Material: laser prints on glass, finished with hand painted gold and glass paint.
Made in Israel
Ships in 5-7 business days.

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