Menorah by Benny Dabbah - Blue and Rust Color

Menorah by Benny Dabbah - Blue and Rust Color

  • The awesome work of a great artist! A classic eight branch Menorah, formed from anodized aluminum, stands on a stem with the Shamash light in the center. Below are lively colored blue, turquoise and rust arcs, etched with Hebrew letters from the Ha'neirot Ha'lalu prayer.
  • For use with candles only. Candleholders are detachable.
  • Allow for slight color variations.
  • Living in Israel, Benny Dabbah, fifth generation silversmith, has turned his talents to metal design, creating magnificent Judaica item from gleaming aluminum.

Product Description

Here’s a Menorah that has “tells the story and sings the glory!” Created by Israeli master craftsman Benny Dabbah, it stands proudly, viewed and admired by all. It represents the strength of the Jewish people and at the same time, the playfully etched letters symbolize how we enjoy and make the most of every situation in life.

Please note: Your Menorah will feature the color combination you have chosen but there may be variations in the order of the colors.


Item #: DBH-HM-08-1
Artist: Benny Dabach
Material: Anodized Aluminum
Height: 12"/30 cm
Width: 11"/27 cm

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