Puzzle Menorah and Candlesticks - Dabbah

Puzzle Menorah and Candlesticks - Dabbah

13.5" Length (9x1.5")

  • Unique item by Israeli designer Dabbah
  • Present as a one of a kind gift

Product Description

We absolutely love this puzzle Hanukkah menorah designed by Israeli artist Benny Dabach! Individual, brightly colored anodized aluminum pieces can fit together in a variety of arrangements. One puzzle piece is taller for the shamash. Included is a wooden travel/storage box.

This extraordinary Hanukkah menorah is made in Israel and meets the highest quality standards.

Each puzzle piece is 1-1/2"w x 3/4"
Shamash measures 1-3/8"
Storage box is 4-3/4" square by 1-1/2"


Item #: DBH-RM-1008
Size: 13.5" Length (9x1.5")
Artist: Benny Dabach

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