Sterling Silver Havdalah Set, Beaded Design - Large

Sterling Silver Havdalah Set, Beaded Design - Large

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  • Gorgeous sterling silver set for Havdalah
  • A large candle holder and tall spice box
  • Attractive beaded horizontal decorations
  • Comes in prestigious velvet gift box

Product Description

Add a dimension of beauty to the hallowed Havdalah ceremony with this impressive set a sterling silver large size spice box and a matching tall candle holder. A delicate bead horizontal decoration, encircling the base and the body, highlights the gleaming mirror-silver surface.

This comes packaged in an attractive velvet lined gift box. The perfect choice for a presentation.


Item #: AJD-925HSE-3
.925 Sterling Silver
- Besamim:
Height: 8.3 Inches
Base Diameter: 2.6 Inches
Weight: 165 gr.

- Havdalah Candle Holder:
Height: 4.7 Inches
Candle opening: 50mm x 19mm
Weight: 144 gr.

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