Antique style Star of David Pendant by Golan Jewelry

Antique style Star of David Pendant by Golan Jewelry

Diameter: 1.1" / 2.8cm

  • Traditional Yemenite Style Pendant
  • Tuquoise star of David pendant

Product Description

Made of sterling silver, this unique Star of David necklace is designed by Israeli Jewelry studio, Golan Jewelry. With delicate silver decorations, this fascinating piece has a distinctive antique look. One of the segments of the pendant is hand-engraved with the psalm: "For He will give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways" (Psalms, 91:11). At the heart of this pendant, a garnet gem.

This handcrafted necklace is a beautiful Jewish charm form protection and blessing.


Item #: GS-411
Size: Diameter: 1.1" / 2.8cm
Artist: Golan Studio
Material: .925 sterling silver

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