Yemenite Filigree Star of David Pendant by Golan

Yemenite Filigree Star of David Pendant by Golan

0.94" / 2.4cm (Diameter)

  • Yemenite Style Filigree Work
  • Silver Star of David Pendant

Product Description

This beautiful Star of David pendant in antique-style is designed by the the artisans of Golan Jewelry. Born to a family of Yemenite descent, the artisans of Golan Jewelry are greatly inspired by the ancient heritage. The pendant includes hand-engraved decorations which give the piece its distinctive antique look. At the heart of the pendant - a 9 K gold Star of David - the most prominent sign of Jewish identity. An amazing piece with symbolic significance.


Item #: GS-166
Size: 0.94" / 2.4cm (Diameter)
Artist: Golan Studio
Made in Israel
Material: 925 Sterling Silver

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