6 Heart Star of David Pendant by Ha'Ari

6 Heart Star of David Pendant by Ha'Ari

6 Heart Star of David Pendant by Ha'Ari

  • Heart and star of David engraved with verse from Jeremiah
  • Containing a 3 letter Kabbalah combination for finding unconditional love
  • Made in Israel by Ha'Ari

Product Description

This Star of David Necklace of hearts linked together is all about love! The hearts in this beautiful design are made of sterling silver and gold.
The Necklace is inscribed with a verse from the book of Jeremiah: "I have loved thee with an everlasting love" ( 31:2). The hearts in this extraordinary piece beautifully from an inner Star of David, believed to draw luck and blessing upon the wearer. The pendant also features one of the 72 Names of God. The three-letter combination of Heh-Heh-Ayne is believed to possess a virtue for finding unconditional and eternal love as well as redemption and protection.
This Kabbalah Necklace can enhance and attract the energies that inspire change in your life, whether it is to help find love or strengthen the bond with your partner.


Item #: HAR-PV-371
Height: 0.7"/2 cm
Width: 0.7"/2 cm
Type: Kabbalah Jewelry
Materials: Sterling silver, 9k gold
Sterling Silver chain included
Artist: HaAri Jewelry
Made in Israel

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