Hamsa Necklace with Kohen's Blessing by HaAri Jewish Jewelry

Hamsa Necklace with Kohen's Blessing by HaAri Jewish Jewelry

  • Two part hamsa pendant that opens to reveal a prayer
  • Inner hamsa has the Kohen's blessing
  • Sterling silver and 9k gold

Product Description

This Hamsa Necklace comes from our handmade collection of Hamsa jewelry by Israeli artists.
The Hamsa hand is an ancient amulet that is believed to fight the envious eye and negative energies. The pendant is also engraved with "Ben Porat Yosef Alei Ayne". When Jacob blesses his youngest son Joseph, he calls him "Ben Porat Yosef", which means a fruitful son (Genesis, 49:42).

In Jewish tradition, Joseph is considered a righteous man, and so it has become a common custom to use his name as a virtue against evil eye. The Sterling Silver part is carved with a psalm from the book of Numbers: "The Lord bless thee and keep thee, The Lord make His face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace" (Book of Numbers, 6:24-26). These psalms are known as the Priestly Blessing or Birket Hakohanim in Hebrew. The Kohanim were the great priests of the Israelites. The blessing was recited to Moses on the day when he had finished setting up the sacred tabernacle in the middle of the Israelite camp in the Sinai Desert.

Today, this prayer can only be recited by Kohanim at the temple. The mystical power of the blessing derives from acknowledging the explicit name of G-d which is believed to bring the abundance of G-d's kingdom upon the people of Israel. This powerful blessing is delivered by G-d through the Kohens who were to teach the Israelites the sacred name of G-d on earth. The blessing of the Kohanim is also believed to provide divine protection.


Item #: HAR-H105
Width: 0.4" X 1 cm
Height: 1" / 2.5 cm
Type: Kabbalah Jewelry
Sterling Silver chain included
Artist: HaAri Jewelry
Made in Israel
Sterling silver, 9k gold

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