Key to Prosperity necklace by Ha'Ari

Key to Prosperity necklace by Ha'Ari

Key to Prosperity necklace by Ha'Ari

  • Kabbalah Pendant - Key to Success
  • Made of 9k gold, sterling silver and chrysoberyl stone
  • Made in Israel by Ha'Ari

Product Description

The three-dimensional key symbol is what makes this handcrafted Kabbalah jewelry so unique. In Judaism, a key is symbol of success and prosperity. This key-shaped is divided into two parts: the blade of the key is made from silver and the top part of the pendant is made of gold with a Chrysoberyl gem (Cat's Eye). The silver body is engraved with the name of archangel Uriel. According to Kabbalah, Angels are spiritual forces that meditate between the spiritual world and the material world. According to HaAri, Uriel is the flame of God. Uriel's energies help people to improve themselves and their lives. The body is also engraved with the Psalm 121 verse from: "Song of Accents, I will lift mine eyes to the mountains". The top part of the pendant is a Gold Star of David with a gem at its heart. This part is engraved with two of the 72 names of God. The Samech-Aleph-Lamed combination is believed to draw abundance and wealth. The Aleph-Lamed-Dalet is believed to fight negative energies and ward off the evil eye. The pendant is made of five metals following a special Kabbalist formula. In Kabbalah, the five metals jewelry is considered to be a powerful tool for bringing a about positive changes in our lives. The blending of the five metals: Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin and Lead draws on powerful energies. The five metals are revealed with the top part's opening. According to sacred Kabbalist sources, the key is a symbol of success and prosperity. The bottom part of the key pendant is shaped as the Hebrew letter Peh, while the hollow part of the letter is shaped like the Hebrew letter Bet in a Biblical style writing. The letter Peh which stands for godly speech creates the letter Bet - thus symbolizing Creation, that is - God in His speech has created the world.


Item #: HAR-PV316C
Type: Kabbalah Jewelry
Materials: Sterling silver, 9k gold
Sterling Silver chain included
Artist: HaAri Jewelry
Made in Israel

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