Double Hamsa Necklace against the evil eye

Double Hamsa Necklace against the evil eye

  • Double hamsa necklace for protection against the evil eye
  • Engraved with Ben Porat Yosef
  • Two tone Kabbalah pendant in silver and gold

Product Description

According to Jewish mysticism Hamsa or a hand is known to protect its owner from evil eye. This beautifully and uniquely designed Hamsa necklace features one out of 72 names of G-D known to kabbalist. Inscribed on the Hamsa necklace is a three letter combination of Alef-Lamed-Dalet (one of 72 names), believed to bless the beholder with health and cure. This necklace is combination of two precious metals - gold and silver. Cut out Hamsa, inside a silver disc, and a little gold Hamsa hand, dangling above it. Meaningful piece of jewelry, you or your loved one will enjoy for many long and healthy years.


Item #: HAR-PV385
Artist: HaAri Jewelry
Materials: sterling silver, 9k gold
Sterling Silver chain included
Made in Israel

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