Kabbalah Necklace Empowering Change for the Better

Kabbalah Necklace Empowering Change for the Better

  • Engraved with a verse from Koheles said to empower men to change their destiny for the better
  • Necklace is made in Israel by Ha'Ari Kabbalah jewelry
  • Made of a powerful 5 metals combination

Product Description

Ever dream of bringing an everlasting change for good in your life? This Kabbalah necklace may be the piece of jewelry you are looking for. Uniquely designed Kabbalah necklace features a verse in Hebrew form Ecclesiastes: "He hath set the world in their heart" (3:11) Kabbalists explain that according to the verse G-D in his great wisdom has given power in hearts of men to be involved in their destinies and participate in what goes on around them. Meaning, that one has the power to bring change in his life. 2 out of 72 combinations of G-Ds names inscribed on the necklace are there to add protection and keep away an evil eye. So that nothing will stand on your way between you and the desired goal.


Item #: HAR-P072
Height: 1"/2.6 cm
Width: 0.6"/1.5 cm
Type: Kabbalah Jewelry
Materials: Sterling silver, 9k gold
Sterling Silver chain included
Artist: HaAri Jewelry
Made in Israel

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