Psalms Heart Pendant with Crown - Ha'Ari

Psalms Heart Pendant with Crown - Ha'Ari

  • Stunning heart pendant with crown
  • Promoting success and protection
  • Contains a verse from Psalms

Product Description

Want to crown someone very special in your life? Present her with this stunning Ha’Ari pendant featuring a majestic 9K gold crown hovering over a sterling silver heart with the sacred names of G-d granting success and Divine protection engraved on the sides. The reverse side of the heart displays eloquent words from Psalms (27:8) – “It is on your behalf that my heart says…” as indeed it will with this awesome pendant.
Comes in gift box
Sterling silver chain included – choice of lengths


Item #: HAR-P081
Type: Kabbalah charm
Height: 0.7"/1.8 cm
Width: 0.4"/1.2 cm
Materials: 9k gold, Sterling silver
Silver chain included
Artist: HaAri Jewelry

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