Kohen's Blessing Kabbalah Pendant on Black Cord

Kohen's Blessing Kabbalah Pendant on Black Cord

  • Kabbalah pendant on a trendy black cord
  • Contains the Kohen's Blessing
  • Made of five metals and contains Tikun Klali prayer

Product Description

This sterling silver locket pendant, filled with Kabbalistic symbols, will surely bring you good fortune. On the locket, and around the rim, is engraved the Aaronic blessing of protection and on the reverse side is the traditional outstretched hands symbol of the Priestly blessing. Inside the locket are the Five Metals of good fortune with a tiny microfilm of the powerful and elevating Tikun Klali prayer.
Comes in gift box
Comes with black cord


Item #: HAR-P087
Type: Kabbalah charm
Materials: sterling silver
Artist: HaAri Jewelry

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